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We have been established since 2007, successfully supporting students from all backgrounds, towards achieving their full potential. Through targeted support and carefully planned revision programmes- our pupils often exceed their predicted grades.

Class sizes are kept small, and pupils are matched to their abilities and needs- this ensures pupils are able to maximise their learning in a short period of time.

Our friendly and fun environment , ensures pupils feel comfortable and relaxed , and with a ‘just ask’ ethos , pupils are empowered to get the answers to the questions and concepts that did not make sense at school-therefore closing the gap and moving the learning on! SATs , GCSEs, A Levels or 11+ , we can help!

We are proud to announce that STC has been consistently rated as one of the ‘Best Service Providers’ in Stoke on Trent, and endorsed by the renowned company threebestrated. So why not give us a call!


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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you staff DBS checked?

All staff at Stoke Tuition Centre are DBS approved and fully qualified in their specialist subject areas.

Which subjects do you specialise in?

We specialise in Maths, English (Language and Literature), Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). We also have specialist teachers teaching Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Skills to children wanting to pass the 11+ tests.

What age range of pupils do you accept?

We take on children as young as five (Year One). There is no maximum age. Most of our pupils are 5 -18 years of age.  However we also teach mature students in separate adult classes.

How long does each lesson last?

A typical lesson is an hour long. Occasionally students are given extra teaching time to ensure they leave the session, having fully understood the concepts being taught. This additional time is completely free of charge.

How many students are in each class?

To ensure that we offer quality teaching with maximum impact, we have limited our class sizes to 6 students. This has proven to be highly successful as pupils are given the opportunity to share ideas and learn alongside one another in a small group setting. However, at times the class sizes can vary with fewer number of pupils.

Do you have revision classes for SATs, GCSEs and A Levels?

Yes we do. We have devised specialist revision programmes for students taking their SATs, GCSE and A Levels examinations. We are extremely proud of our track record in helping hundreds of students get the grade they desired. All we ask, is that students try their best.

Can you prepare my Child for the Eleven Plus Test?

100% of the children who prepared with Stoke Tuition Centre, passed their tests.

How will the tutor know what my child needs help with?

On enrolment, every pupil is given a pre-assessment to determine their current level of learning. This acts as a baseline and helps identify any previous gaps of learning and thus allows the teacher to design a programme of targeted provision.

How do I know my child is making progress?

Regular (half termly) assessments are carried out, to measure pupil progress. This informs the teacher of future targets and any targets which need further consolidation. Specialised revision programmes are also devised for students who will be undertaking their SATs, GCSE and A Level examinations.

Will I get feedback from the teacher?

Of course. We believe this is absolutely paramount in ensuring pupils make accelerated progress. Regular feedback is given (usually straight after the lessons) and parents are welcome to call us during the week if they require any information relating to their child’s progress.

Will my child be given homework?

In line with our policy, all pupils are given homework at the end of every lesson. The aim is to consolidate the concepts taught in class and close the gap in their learning.

Do you offer online tuition?

Yes we do. We have special packages available for students wishing to receive lessons online in the privacy of their homes. Lessons can be 1-1 or in small groups. Please inform us of your requirements.

Where are you based?

Stoke Tuition Centre is situated on Regent Road, Hanley (2 minute walk from Hanley Bus Station).

How much does Tuition cost?

Our prices are highly competitive and special discounts are applied for multiple lesson bookings.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Cash and Bank Transfers are both accepted.