At Stoke Tuition Centre, we offer a bespoke and personalised service to students wanting to improve their grades. Our subjects consist of Maths, English (Language and Literature), Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as well as specialising in Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning skills.   Our team of qualified and experienced teachers have helped and offered their expertise to hundreds of students to achieve exceptional grades.

So whatever stage your child is at, we’re here to provide you with quality tuition that can really make a difference. Our tailored approach means we can support pupils of all abilities – whether gifted and talented, looking for a confidence boost or those with special educational needs.

Top 5 reasons to choose Stoke Tuition Centre

1/ All of our teachers are fully qualified, highly experienced in their specialised subject, and have a full DBS check in place – we do not employ “instructors” or “classroom assistants”.

2/ We offer a range of subjects from Mathematics, English (Language & Literature), Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) to Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning skills.

3/ We carry out a baseline assessment in the very first session, and use the weaknesses identified to inform a personalised programme of learning.

4/ Each hourly session consists a review of previous lesson, new learning and its application in an interactive manner – children are never left to complete repetitive worksheets.

5/ Our modern centre and positive environment is designed to empower all students with confidence and self-belief.


Pre-assessments are used to determine the pupil’s current level of learning. This helps to identify any previous gaps and allows the teacher to design a programme of targeted provision.